"The elegance of the new millennium"

The most feature of the fronts of the sideboard and the chest of drawers is that only the external edges are eroded with soappattern, so the three doors and the four drawer front sides can make a whole. The other feature of the closets is the two dominant legs and the curved closing element with floating effects above the furniture body.

The connecting metal structure under the furniture gives an other feature of the pieces of furniture, as in the case of tables.

In the interest of stability the closets should be fitted to the wall in all cases. The five cm long supports used by fitting increase the airy effect. The distance between the body and the wall ensures the possibility to develop a hidden, individual, intimate lightning, which increases the visual harmony.

The elements of the collection are in a harmony of any suit of furniture with modern colour arrangement, because they can be produced in any coloured front you wish, according to the RAL colourcard.